TRAILER (:2:11)
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THE 5th L.E.
Beatbox: Click Tha Supah Latin (Anthony Rivera)
Rap: Reignman (Matthew Bodden)

Straight up beatboxology, without the use of technology
If I was beatbox my statement to the world would be “punk acknowledge me”
The 5th element, relevant to hip hop and all live rhymin’
Paid a lot of dues backed up a lot of crews, yea I am still here shinin’

I use vocal chords to rock many parties win many wars
In a battle I am a nice weapon, if there ain’t no DJ.... I keep you steppin’
To the A.M, no delayin’, I haven’t been mastered by many
Only the few the proud know me well enough to bust me in a crowd

Try me, never deny me, I live most of my live on the D.L (Down Low)
But whenever I grab the spotlight, rock the show, you remembered that night?!
There is only one like me, tell a friend big up and always hype me
Plug me up and please mic me, I love an MC that spits nicely

In the streets like a young John Gottie
I bust like a forty-five shottie,
the ancient technique of the body, prophesized through “ladidadi”
I’m better than bangin’ on tables, nicer than performin’ to a D.A.T
I come with the (beatbox) and hit you with the (beatbox), check it

next to a mic and a pen, I’m an MC’s best friend
I was here in the beginning of Hip Hop, long as I‘m around it will never end
‘Cause If they took away MPCs, banned the1200 SP
Executed all DJs it still wouldn’t stop ‘cause there’d be me

The natural sound system 15 inch woofer with amplifier
I swear I’ll never retire, too much desire just take me higher
I started in New York, got a lot of respect.. kept skills stackin’
Now I’m in the West manifesting as Click Tha Supah Latin